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  1. King of the Hill
  2. Word Association
  3. A - Z Food
  4. Pokémon Rate Game
  5. Rate the above Username
  6. Guess the next user's favorite Pokemon
  7. Guess the next user's least favorite Pokemon
  8. Do you know what the above avatar is?
  9. Agree or Disagree
  10. Eat or Spit
  11. Giratina, Aggron, Nosepass...
  12. Random Images thread [V.1]
  13. Counter the above Pokemon.
  14. Respond to the above poster/image with an image!
  15. Rate the signature above
  16. Travel Through The PokeDex
  17. Pokemon Alphabet
  18. Rate the avatar above
  19. Random Messages: Everyone is a Robot! [V.1]
  20. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the User above
  21. Pick 1 Pokemon!
  22. Release a Pokemon
  23. Describe the User above with a Trope
  24. What Pokemon team would the above user have?