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  1. My story feedback

    Hi guys I've finally posted up chapter 1 for my story! Before attacking me with your feedback, please make sure to review these rules here:

    • My Grammar sucks: Some people may know this about me but grammar was never my strong points however, I enjoy writing but I've always been nervous with posting up my stories because of my horrible grammar. Despite English being my main language, I've always seemed to have struggled with it back in my school life. I've went through a lot of

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    My story feedback
  2. Prompt ideas

    I'm making a list of prompts I might try for future stories, if you come across this blog and you want to chime in with prompt recommendations or if you like a certain prompt then feel free to comment!

    Just know if you want to recommend a prompt idea for me to try, please make sure it isn't explicit! I only go up to T ratings.

    1. sports, specifically high school setting with (optional) drama within the team
    2. medieval setting, one character has to be a dragon ...
  3. First blog post! (and a congratulations)

    Yay first blog post! Wanted to go ahead and try to generate blog activity as well.

    Anyway just wanted to make a congratulations post to Norway during the Winter Olympics. They have a total of 39 medals, with 14 gold, 14 silver, and 11 bronze. I'm happy for Team Norway, and congratulations on other countries for trying their best!

    Can't wait for the Winter Paralympics next month! It's going to be exciting for sure.
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