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Kingdom Hearts III Final Fantasy character cameos (my opinions)

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So with Kingdom Hearts III it's pretty much a no brainer that FF characters will make cameos in this installment as well. I'm going to make a list of ones that'll likely appear again and ones I want to see in the game. (I'm gonna make another blog post like this but with Disney worlds)

Okay, so ones that'll likely appear again:
Squall Leonhart
Cloud Strife
Yuffie Kisaragi
Cid Highwind
Aerith Gainsborough

Possibly might appear:
Tifa Lockhart (I was sad she didn't appear in the first game, she should've had Aerith's spot imo)

Slim chance:
Seifer Almasy (and Fujin and Raijin if we are able to go to Twilight Town)
Setzer Gabbiani (same as above)
Vivi (same as above)
Tidus (if we can go to Destiny Islands)
Wakka (same as Tidus)
Selphie Tilmitt (same as Tidus)

Now for the characters I want to appear!

Noctis Lucis Caelum (might have a chance due to his game being recent)
Lightning (similar to Noctis but she is pushed in quite a lot of media)
Noel Kreiss
Terra Branford (I don't care that there is a KH character named Terra, if they can add Rikku they can add FFVI Terra)
Locke Cole
Zidane Tribal
Cecil Harvey
Bartz Klauser
Rinoa Heartilly (the letter Squall, or "Leon", received at the end of II and the angel wings on the letter, Rinoa's motif, resemble hers. Plus Squall has wings on the back of his jacket, she really needs to appear! <3)

Alright, hopefully one of those or more characters makes an appearance! What FF characters would you like to see?
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