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    ; v ; thank youuu <3 glad to be here finally
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    Now what do you get in your iced lattes? And oh yeah Friday and Saturday were very warm while today I got poured on and it was thundering and lightning haha. And yeah going out in the warm and seeing new people is always great when they're friendly. I live close to one, and go by two more on my way to work I mainly use the app for when I think waiting for my drink would make me late otherwise. Not to mention anime has shown me the meteors can act as a trigger to summon a deeper power to survive but yes being crushed by them would be a pleasing end for sure course I don't plan to go anywhere anytime soon regardless.

    Hey there's no need to thank me, take that energy and turn it into focus. I mean not that there's a need with how much faith in you but ye. Yeah, I mean today is my ideal kind of weather but you're right after the warmth it's a tease to get after. Yeah sleep is a funny thing, I've learned when the body wants sleep its better to listen otherwise it'll punish you for not giving it haha. Good to hear that you'd gotten a good deal of rest though, and then that you got to have a good deal of fun today. It's looking standard. I have nothing special planned, just the standard work and laying back other times.
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    *the now animate jolly rancher attacks you and all of your garbage bins, but mostly your garbage bins*
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    Yes.... *5 episodes of pure screaming* THIS IS IT!!!!!!! *a small jolly rancher falls out of my pocket*
    Wow, I can't believe that worked. I annoyed the jolly rancher out of inanimacy and it jumped out my pocket.
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    I have already taken over. This isn't even my final form on the cob.
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    Rei for mod 2k18
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    I definitely went today with this weather. That place had like 30 something people inside and at least 9 cars at the drivethru at 10am. Glad I'd ordered on the app. But yeah hot coffee is good too, but yeah when you're in the mood for an iced coffee you just can't shake it off with a hot haha. Can always try making your own iced at home though. That's right I'm not being stopped by being hit by a car. A meteor? Maybe, but definitely not being hit by a car.

    Knowing you you won't even climb those mountains you'll just punch them down, that's how confident I am in you. Today and yesterday were warm for sure but back to the 50s tomorrow which I'm okay with. My Sunday is looking typical mostly. Might get some extra sleep in cause Thursday night I got a really good nights sleep and now I'm hungry for more of that. Your Sunday?
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    lol I'm making a statement! >: D only default user!
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    I'm still using the default vBulletin skin.
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    What's in my egg? The default vBulletin skin.
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