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Thread: Favorite Ultra Beast?

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    Favorite Ultra Beast?

    In USM Ultra Beasts obviously make a return, with both old and new in the mix this time though. So out of all the UB's which one is your favorite? Do you have a least favorite?

    Personally I really like Poipole and it's evo Naganadel, I really like their designs so much, plus Poipole is so cute! My least favorite though is Blacephalon, since it looks kind of like a clown. *ugh*

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    I like Xurkitree! IMO it's the perfect blend of Pokemon and UB design. And the aesthietics! I find the jumper cables and those cable ties (?) as a take on how trees and branches look witty and interesting.

    Perhaps my least fave is Celesteela. I don't completely hate it, in fact I like the bamboo design concept, but the fact that it's so large and heavy bothers me. Especially those long booster arms and that long neck LMAO plus I've seen an infographic putting Celesteela beside the protagonist and pretty much I could say is that it's just salt in the wound lol

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