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Thread: The Elite Four difficulty

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    The Elite Four difficulty

    In generation III a lot of people comment on the slight difficulty that the Elite Four had in RSE. Some liked this while others not so much! In your opinion, what do you think of the difficulty of this E4?

    Personally, while I don't think they were too hard, they did have a slight curve to them. I at least had to use some of my items when battling them, that's for sure!

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    Sydney and Glacia are pretty standard as E4 members IMO As for Phoebe, she's standard too but her Pokemon with Pressure adds a real challenge because you have to preserve those PPs and those mons are extra bulky rip

    Drake's pretty hard imo, given that he's a Dragon-type E4 and that he has a pseudo-legendary and two Flygons (Ice-types are great but then Flamethrower exists)

    In general, I think Hoenn's is above average in difficulty and is actually fun to challenge!

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