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    Exclamation Community Rules

    Community Rules

    Welcome to Otaku Plaza! We hope that this will be an exciting, vibrant place for everyone to make friends and embark on new adventures together. In order to do so, we have a few brief community rules to read before you dive into the forums! If you have any question about these rules, at any point, please reach out to one of your fellow staff members!


    • Before becoming a full-fledged, registered member of our forums, you must post an Introduction thread in order for us to verify you as a member. Don’t be shy; come on in!
    • Only one member per account, please! Sharing of accounts is strictly prohibited.
    • Members may advertise other forums only in their signatures. Otherwise, posting links to other forums in an unsolicited way in threads or upon others’ profiles will be punished. When it comes to other content, we welcome others’ sharing their YouTube and other multimedia projects on the forums!
    • Member conduct towards each other is expected to be respectful and friendly. The golden rule: treat others as you wish to be treated! Please keep our shared community welcoming!


    • Pornographic nudity / content, plagiarized / stolen work, or illegal content / hacks / etc is under no circumstance welcome on OP. Discovery of such content will result in severe punishment.
    • SPAM (Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages) is welcome only when the Forum Games forum permits it.
    • Double posting is not permitted; please use the “edit” button to amend your post or wait for the next user to post before you add on to your thought or commentary. Exceptions exist, such as for journals or event threads.
    • OP is a majority English-speaking forum, so we ask that members keep conversations in other languages to private messages or visitor messages.


    • Special user titles are one of the many rewards you may earn by posting often and participating in community events! Go here to find out more!
    • Members have the full ability to customize their profiles, and we strongly encourage everyone to do so! We may have profile contests often! Keeping this in mind, profiles rules are the same as those of our community rules, and we ask that profile material is kept respectful.
    • Signatures: Your signature may not exceed 500 pixels in height and 600 pixels in width. Content within spoilers may not go over this boundary.
    • Avatars: Your avatar may not exceed 250 x 300 pixels.

    Punishment Policy

    On OP, we enforce a 5-point infraction system that’s guided by user improvement and a strict no-tolerance policy for harassment towards others. Here are the five-point category allocations:

    1 point: SPAM or double posting
    2 points: Non-targeted, malicious messages of hateful or -ism ideology
    3 points: Harassment of specific, targeted-members
    4 points: Copyright infringement / plagiarism
    5 points: Nudity / explicit pornographic material / account sharing / multiple accounts

    Once reported or assessed by a staff member, a post warranting moderation will be removed / soft-deleted and the user will receive a PM explaining why.

    An accumulation of 3 points leads to a two-week ban. 5 points is an immediate and permanent ban.

    Like our forum rules, bans apply to both forums and Discord (exempting the double post rule because it’s a chat channel).

    Discord Rules

    Our Discord may be found here! In order to join, please post in this thread to request an official invite. A member of the staff team will PM you with an invite, and will quote your post letting you know that you’ve been invited.

    Our Discord rules are the same as our forum community rules. Our staff team on the forums is the same as our staff team on the chats. If you ever have any questions about Discord or its conduct, or if there’s a channel, bot, or feature you’d like to see us implement, please let us know!
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