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Thread: I have no title for this yet

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    I have no title for this yet

    Table of contents
    [I'm going to make this prettier later]


    I've been working on this story since 2013/2012 after I've graduated from high school. About 90% of my story including character designs and backgrounds came from dreams that I have. Trust me I don't even understand how I'm able to remember most of this stuff but because of my dreams there were a lot of parts that had loop wholes within the story. I got back into this last year in 2017 but it was until this January I was able to fix a couple of loop wholes. Now that I'm planning on turning this into a series in the future, It's going to take me some time to figure out what is canon and what isn't and since silly me back then forgot to write down important arc information. I never thought about turning it into a TV show until like last year so try remembering everything that happened from 2013! I'll do my best to post up the chapters on time but it might take me a little. I'm currently working on chapter 2 as we speak but this as I've mentioned before, I have to remember exactly what happened during this mission since my dream cut it off short. Rest in peace self you have a lot of work to do. On a side note, a comic is coming soon as well! I'm working on the first chapter at the moment.

    If your interested in giving me some feedback your more welcomed to post in my blog post. I'll be making a blog about each chapter for feedback. There are a couple of things I want to point out before criticizing my work. I'll list them down bellow.

    • My Grammar sucks: Some people may know this about me but grammar was never my strong points however, I enjoy writing but I've always been nervous with posting up my stories because of my horrible grammar. Despite English being my main language, I've always seemed to have struggled with it back in my school life. I've went through a lot of shit back then too. (If you want more information about that PM me.) I don't mind the feedback for them but just try not to bite my ass over it.
    • There might be a few loop wholes in this story. As I've mentioned above I'm doing whatever I can to fix the missing pieces of the story.
    • I make a lot of typos and re-reading is a pain in the neck! I do need to re-read more often however you might see me re-edit my story here and there to fix my spelling errors.
    • I love you guys and I sure hope you enjoy the story and the characters!
    • Art credit goes to me since I drew them XD.


    What happens when you meet a strange ghost who ends up becoming your best friend? Let's just say it's not the prettiest thing in the world. While Jayden and his friend Ghostie are trying to return ghosts back to their world, him and his twin brother Oliver are doing everything they can to locate their lost triplet sister but things don't turn out the way they planned. With ghosts, witches, demons and some strange guy who is obsessed with bones lurking around, who knows what will happen?


    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
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    Have you ever explored a haunted house before? I never did but for some reason here I am exploring a haunted house on my own for no fucking reason. Well I kid there’s actually a reason behind my visit to a scary mansion. In all honesty it has something to do with my long lost sister and our father my brother and I have been searching for. We had a lead to her whereabouts and if you guessed it correctly it’s this scary fucking mansion! With that being said, my brother decided to send me out of all people to gather as much information as possible. I couldn’t help but to puff my pointy bangs away from my face as I made my way into the spooky building. Like a normal haunted house, it was rather spooky looking, spider webs hanging from the ceiling, squeaky sounds coming from all directions; the smell of dust and most importantly it looks deserted.

    Stepping into the sound of a squeaky mansion, I slowly made a few feet away from the door until suddenly BAM! I turned my head to see the door slammed shut right behind me. “Great what is this Scooby Doo?” I shivered while rolling my eyes. “I better get moving but the question is where should I start?” In all honesty, I have no clue exactly where to start. The disappearance of my family members has been a complete and utter mess.

    My two family members disappeared 7 years ago without a trace! All we remember was my father and sister were going out to a concert but they never returned. Relatives believe some tragic event happened but in reality we all know what they were trying to say; they’ve been killed. My brother and I don’t believe this and ever since then the two of us have been searching around for any signs of our family members. We would do things that could get ourselves into trouble just to find them well my brother has at least. I’m more of the explore type out of the group. If my brother has to kill he will and then there is me who can’t even hurt a fly or get jumpy whenever I see a ghost or something.

    I would gulp underneath my breath as I made my way up the stairs of the mansion. I would turn my gaze to every direction and every squeaky sound I heard. You could hear me panting as I quickly made my way around the mansion, scattering around like a rat hoping to find a piece of cheese lying to munch on. I opened a few doors, poking my tiny little head into the small crack of the door before closing them shut. I walked down the halls checking every isle or anything that could help me find any leads to my family members. I sighed underneath my breath after facing my result. “Nothing!” I shook my head at this wishing there was something that could help me locate them. “This was a dead end so I better go home.” Once I turned my head, there was something floating right behind me… wait something was floating behind me?


    I squealed like a little girl after seeing a small tiny ghost floating right by my side however I seemed to have spooked the ghost as well! The ghost was squealing with me and the two of us ran to our hiding spot. I poked my head from behind the door at the same time as the ghost.

    “It’s a ghost!”

    “Why can he see me?” The ghost said on the other side of the room.

    I gulped underneath my breath as I slowly made my way closer to the ghost. “You don’t seem too fragile.” I said in a calm voice. I’m used to encountering ghosts like this but man he sure did spook me. I forgot to mention for some reason I have the ability to see spirits or ghosts and I have no clue why.

    “I’m not dangerous you just scared me!” The ghost said causing me to roll my eyes.

    “Says the one who was trying to scare me.”

    “You have a point. How can you see me?”

    “I have no clue. I’ve been trying to figure that out for years now. Anyways could you possibly help me with something? Have you seen a female version of me by any chance?”

    “Nope not a clue and here I thought you were a girl!”

    I couldn’t help but bite my lip, gripping my fist to control my anger. “I’m a guy it’s not my fault my brother took all the male side!” Just when I was about to throw a tantrum, a rumbling sound appeared from underneath my feet! The ghost hid behind me shivering like no tomorrow.

    “What was that?”

    “An earthquake?” I questioned but I knew that would be too good to be true! Something wasn’t right that couldn’t have been an earthquake! I turned my head and when I did, I sure wished I didn’t! In front of us was evil ghost standing before us! Drool was rolling down from his mouth and you could see its breath as it breathed heavily onto our face. I stared directly at the creature with the little ghost by my side before screaming. “RUN!”

    I knew this was a bad idea from the start but I knew darn well if I went home without at least checking it out, my brother would be getting on my ass! In reality he would be scarier than this strange looking creature! I rushed down the hall, running towards the entrance of the mansion but once I got to the stairs, the creature knew instantly what I was trying to do! It jumped right in front of me, causing me to tumble over my feet. I quickly got to my feet as I ran the opposite direction, barely missing his powerful fist that slammed right into the ground!

    “This is like the Games!” I cried as I ran down the hall. “I never wanted to experience that ever again! Why the hell is this happening?” I opened my eyes and when I did, I realized I made a dead end! I placed my hand on the wall before turning around to see the creature standing in front of me. I was gasping underneath my breath and just when I thought all hope was lost, I heard a familiar voice from earlier.

    “Look out!”

    I lifted up one eye to see the little ghost from earlier fly by, turning into some sort of force shield to block the attack. I stared at him with my eyes widened from shock. “A shape shifter ghost?”

    “Yeah I can turn into any weapon or object you can think of!” The ghost said. “But I’m not that strong! I became a ghost a few years ago so I’m just a baby!”

    “What can I do to make you a little stronger to beat this thing?” I asked but I’m starting to wonder if I made a bad mistake! Before I could even react, the ghost flew right inside of my body!

    It got quiet as the evil ghost like creature watched the little ghost try to possess my body. The ghost moved closer, his heavy breathing getting bigger and bigger until suddenly my eyes opened! My brown eyes turned green and I could feel a tremendous amount of energy rushing through my body. In all honesty I wasn’t sure what was happening since the little ghost tried to take over my body. The question is why am I in control and what happened to the little ghost? I blinked a few times at this strange scenario wondering if the ghost like creature is still inside of me if so then I should be able to communicate with it through my thoughts.

    “Little ghost are you there?”

    “I’m alive but how come I can’t take over your body?”

    “I don’t know!”

    “This is really weird your body has a tremendous amount of energy in it however it’s chilly in here. I can handle it because of the type of ghost I am but other ghosts won’t stand a chance in here! With me inside of your body, you have the same abilities as I do and you can use ghost like energy.”

    I tried my hardest to take in as much information as possible but I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! It looks like I’ll have to ask my questions later because the creature is ready to eat me up for super! With the little ghost help I was able to fade right through the wall to dodge the attack! I rolled backwards, getting onto my feet as if I did a backwards barrel roll! I got into position as I watched the creature burst right into the wall, roaring like a dragon! I felt every bone in my damn body shivering like no tomorrow and I gulped underneath my breath. When the monster attacked, I moved to the side and to the other side and then I jumped into the air to dodge the swipe attack however when I did I noticed something very interesting. Why the hell am I flying in the air?

    This was way too much I had no clue what was happening! All I know is I have the little ghost abilities aka ghost abilities…. That’s when something clicked in! The little ghost had the ability to shape shift into any object or weapons you can think of so does that mean I can turn into this? I thought about turning myself into a giant ass hammer and when I did, I felt the ghost like energy rushing through my body and before I even know it, my body was turned into a giant melee weapon! I slammed right on the monsters head, causing the creature to tumble over as if I’ve one hit KO’d it! My body returned back to normal before I landed on my feet like a cat falling from a tree! Right then and there I noticed instantly my power with the little ghost have grown stronger than before! The little ghost had a unique ability but was weak with very little attack power however when we merged the power grew stronger by the minute!

    That was when something else kicked into play. This time my body and my mind was moving on it’s own and I honestly had no clue what exactly I was doing. My eyes glowed and green like energy formed around my hands. I lifted up my hand and was speaking in a completely different language. A witch like circle appeared underneath the ghost like creature and a bright energy appeared from underneath it! The ghost cried out, lifted up it’s claws and was ready to drag me with it before suddenly disappearing from sight! The circle disappeared and my eyes turned back to normal. I fell to the ground as the little ghost flew right out of my body panting like no tomorrow. My eyes widened as I turned my head over to the little ghost with a confused look on my face.

    “What the hell was that?”

    “I don’t know I've never heard those words before!”

    “What the fuck is going on?”

    Just when I things couldn’t get any weirder, the same circle I summoned appeared right bellow us. I covered my eyes to prevent the light from blinding my eyes until suddenly it disappeared! I blinked a few times, turning my head wondering exactly where I am. I was in a different world, the sky was green and the landscape looked very similar to the mansion I was in.

    “What was happening?”

    “This is the ghost world! It’s like a mirror version of your world but instead it’s for spirits and ghost! I know where we are, this is the queen’s palace!”

    “Indeed it is!”

    I turned my head to see a beautiful woman sitting on the throne staring down at the little ghost and I. I bowed my head, shivering like no tomorrow since I had no clue as to exactly what was going on. “You're the queen of the ghost world I’m assuming right?”

    “Yes I am welcome you two. I know this is rather confusing so I brought you here to explain the situation for you.”

    “Please do.” The two of us said simultaneously causing the queen to giggle underneath her breath.

    “The two of you share a unique bond with one another. When your partner goes inside of your body you grow stronger than normal. Normally when ghosts possess someone’s body they gain full control of that body but it also depends on the person mental state. The little ghost is weak but he still has the ability to fully possess your body if he wants. This also conforms that the two of you are warriors meant to protect both the spirit worlds and the human world from danger.”

    I tried my hardest to take all of this in as I listened carefully to what she had to say. “What do you mean by warrior?”

    “It’s part of the legends of course.” The little ghost said. “I remember hearing about it one ghost and one human will reunite as one and use their power to send evil ghosts back to where they belong! So we’re like exorcist or whatever it’s called. The reason why we knew that spell is because our ancestors took over our body right? So does that mean the spell we used was to send ghosts back to this world?”

    “Indeed you sure know your stuff. It seems as if our ancestors chosen you two to send ghosts back to where they belong. I’ll use my power to make sure they won’t escape ever again!”

    “This is confusing.” I sighed while the ghost shook his head.

    “I’ll explain it to you later!”

    “I have a request. I would like you two send ghosts back to where they belong in exchange I’ll gather as much information as I can regarding to your lost sister.”

    How does she know about this? I wondered while sighing underneath my breath. Knowing Oliver, if he heard about this he would force me to do it. “Very well I look forward working with you.”

    “Thank you! I’ll send the two of you back to your world. If you ever need some training your welcome to train here if needed. Before you go I will say this, your father and sister are alive! That’s all the information I have for you at this time.”

    “That’s great news thank you!” At least I can return home with some news for my brother. Before I even know it there we were standing right in front of the mansion confused as fuck well I was that is. My head was spinning from confusion uncertain as to exactly what was going on. “Well that was a fast adventure and a lot of information to take in.”

    “I agree but hey at least we’re going to have some fun!”

    “Great I always wanted a ghost friend.” You could tell my voice was sarcastic as I rolled my eyes at this strange situation. “That was too fast what’s going on!”

    “You take information slower than others I’m assuming?”

    “Was that a insult?” I growled. “No I’m just confused okay first I was trapped in a mansion searching for information regarding to my sister, than you show up and than a ghost tried to eat us alive than we got thrown into the ghost world and than we met the queen who claims I’m the spiritual warrior chosen from our ancestors or whatever nonsense she was talking about and now here I am working for a ghost queen to send spirits back to where they belong. What the fuck is this Danny Phantom?”

    The little ghost crossed his arms while puffing its cheeks. “It made sense to me.”

    “That’s because you're a fucking ghost!” I cried. “It’s bad enough I can see you guys for no fucking reason! That’s it I’m going home this is too much for my head. Just imagine the viewers reading this shit!”

    “Quit breaking the 4th wall will yeah?” The ghost sighed. “Well if you ever need anything let me know!” The ghost giggled before flying away.

    “Where are you going?”

    “Out to eat I’m starving!”

    “What do ghosts eat?”


    Oh god what have I done? I thought to myself as I watched the ghost fly away while dancing in the air making it’s own tune about souls or something. I shook my head, trying my hardest to forget everything that has happened. I turned around as I made my way out of the forest pretending none of this ever happened. It didn’t take me too long to return to my destination. I walked out of the forest, making my way through the park and onto the sidewalk as I made my way to the restaurant plaza in town. It took me a few minutes to get to my family restaurant and once I walked in, my brother tackled me right then and there! He grabbed me by arm, pulled me into the back room so we can speak in private. I should probably explain a little about my family restaurant.

    My mother and father own this restaurant and we heavily focus on Italian food. We’ve been known for the best Italian restaurant in our town and is the number one tourist restaurant spot. We have amazing specials as well the new costumers have the chance to eat for free as much as they like. The next time they come in they get to pay for their meals. We’ve always hated going into a restaurant and paying for something that we don’t enjoy so that’s why we give new people somewhat a trial run. If you're a regular costumer you can receive a platinum card, which allows you to receive discounts throughout the store. This is why our restaurant so popular in town and that’s because of how well we treat both new costumers and loyal costumers and we’re the first restaurant to do something like this in town!

    With that being said, my brother and I work here for part time, giving us the opportunity to run around searching for evidence regarding to our lost family members. “Jayden how did it go?” My brother asked.

    “Not much other than the fact that our father and sister are alive.”

    I heard my brother sigh underneath his breath but I couldn’t tell if he was excited about the news or disappointed. “Same here. From what I’ve gathered they’re alive and well however, I have no information regarding to their whereabouts. After work I’m going on another mission to see what I can find.”

    “Don’t overdo it!” I said to him. I wasn’t sure if I should explain the ghost situation to him since it’s so confusing. “I’m working with someone as a part time job in exchange for information. Don’t worry it’s nothing dangerous it’s rather small and simple.”

    “I never expected you to do something like this.” Oliver said. “Don’t get yourself killed.”

    “I won’t don’t worry. I guess you can say I got dragged into this mess.”

    “What happened back there?”

    “It’s too confusing for you to understand. Once I figure this out I’ll explain it to you.”

    “Does it have something to do with you seeing spirits?” My brother pushed it causing me to sigh underneath my breath.

    “Yes it does.”

    He looked at me for a bit before turning his head. “Just be careful alright? I don't want to lose you again.”

    “You won’t.” I snapped wishing he would drop it. “I can handle things on my own you know?”

    “And yet you got killed in the Games and somehow came back to life.”

    “I said drop it! What happened at the Games stays in the Games you got it?”

    I don’t know if I should explain this situation as well. When we were 18 years old the two of us discovered people were disappearing out of nowhere and it had something to do with the Games. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking then you’re correct. The Games is very similar to the Hunger Games expect your not killing each other. The Games is more like your in a group and you have to get to a specific goal without getting killed by the owner himself. He was a very powerful demon ready to kill in an instant. I was doing well until the 3rd portion of the games. I sacrificed myself to save one of my close comrades, getting smacked into the face by a hammer and sent flying to the sky. I don’t remember much after that but according to my brother, I helped them stop the games and help them escape. Ever since then my brother has been overprotective over me and it’s rather annoying I can tell you that much.

    “Sorry.” Oliver sighed. “Anyways I’ll let you know what I’ve gathered during my mission. During the mean time you should get some rest. I’ll handle the rest.”

    “And don’t overdo it!” I reminded him as I made my way out of the restaurant and man you should’ve seen how fast I ran out of there! Once he mentioned I should go home and rest, I was out the door basically saying in the back of my mind ‘have fun’! I ran down the street heading into the home department and once I barged into the house, I rushed to my bed and landed right on top of my bed, feeling my skin sink into the soft and fluffy pillow. I let out a relaxing sigh thankful to be home at last! I turned on my back but something seemed to have moved underneath the covers. I lifted myself up to see what it was until suddenly the blanket started talking.

    “I’m going to eat your soul!”

    That voice I knew instantly who it was. I narrowed my eyes at this wishing I could be alone and to enjoy myself for a change. “I’m so scared a ghost is going to eat me!”

    “Give me your soul!”

    “Can you at least tell me what your name is?”

    The ghost hesitated until suddenly the ghost I met earlier faded through the covers. “Good question.”

    I leaned over my hand at this. “What do you want?”

    “I’m a ghost without a name can you name me?”

    “I’ll name you Ghostie if you quick acting so stupid. We’ve met already so please drop the act!”

    “OKAY!” The ghost said while floating around. “I’m a ghost so of course I’ve figured out your location!” His stomach growled he hesitated then looked up at me. “I’m hungry!”

    “Don't eat my family or anyone I’m close to. You better eat some bad guys maybe people in jail or something like that.” I suggested as Ghostie flew out of the house. “Wait why are you still hungry?”

    “Nom nom nom.”

    “What the fuck?” I shook my head at this, laid my head back down on my bed as I let out a long tiring yawn. “I’m going to take a nap. This has been a very long and exhausting day.” I closed my eyes as I allowed myself to drift to lala land. After an hour or 2 I opened my eyes but only to see Ghostie floating right in front of me. I moaned underneath my breath as I sat myself upward wishing this ghost would leave me alone already.

    “What do you want?”

    “I’m full.”

    I looked down at his belly. “I can see that how many did you eat?”

    “About 4.”

    I narrowed my eyes at this. “Count.”

    Ghostie hesitated before he counting. “One. Two. Three. Four. Five hundred. Six thousand-“

    “Wait hold on!” I snapped. “That’s over 4!”

    “Okay I ate 4 Million lawyers.”

    “What the hell?” This keeps getting more and more confusing by the minute. “Wait a minute.” I stared at him after realizing what he had said. “WHY THE HELL DID YOU EAT LAWYERS? I TOLD YOU TO EAT BAD GUYS NOT LAWYERS!”

    “But Lawyers are bad guys!” Ghostie insisted and right then and there, I grabbed him by the neck and started shaking him back and forth.

    “Lawyers put bad guys in jail now spit them out or else I’m sending you back to the ghost queen!”

    “Awww fine!” He patted his belly and it shrunk back to normal. I sighed as I watched all the souls return to their normal bodies. I stared at him with my eyes narrowed.

    “We have to figure something out regarding to your eating habit. Go to the jail cells and eat people who’ve done nasty things like torture or stuff like that.”

    “Aww okay!”

    “I’ll know if you’re lying to me again!”

    “Okay okay!” Ghostie said while flying out of the room once more.

    I couldn’t help but sigh once more while laying on my bed. I looked up the sealing wishing none of this were happening right now. “Why me? I wonder how Oliver is doing with that mission of his.”
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    What have I gotten myself into?

    I thought as I rushed into the battle with a rifle in my arms. I know I wanted to find information about my sister but it would be nice to get out of here alive you know? I wasn’t expecting to die in the middle of a battlefield! What was the prince thinking? I did a barrel roll across the field, hid behind a rock before covering my ears from the loud explosion coming from a distance. I shook my head at this wondering well what made the prince think placing me in the battlefield was the best idea in the world? If he had given me a sword I would’ve been able to handle this without a problem but instead they gave me a fucking rifle! Do they not understand I’m not used to technology yet?

    * * *

    “Oliver I’m giving you a task.” The Prince stated causing me to lift up my head as I patiently waited for more information. The noble prince walked up to me with information about the mission. “We’ve discovered there might be a traitor among our ranks. I want you go to there and check it out immediately.”

    “So you want me to go into war?” I asked him after reading the information on the paper. The prince smiled while placing his hand on my shoulder.

    “You should be used to war by now.”

    “I barely make it out alive. What’s this war about?”

    “It’s not a full out war I guess you can say. The witch of ages sent an army against us and we’re trying to fight back. You can handle witch magic can’t you?”

    “I guess.”

    “Great I’ll look forward to your return!”

    * * *

    I puffed my bang away from my face while scratching my hair due to annoyance. What the hell what have I done to piss him off? I thought but it looks like I’m going to have to continue that thought later!

    “Look out!”

    I felt heavy weight slam right into my body! I was thrown off balance while dodging a grenade at the same time however it looks like that didn’t stop us there. The force of the impact slammed us right into a building but before I even had the chance to react, the person who saved me dragged me behind the building to dodge the flying bullets. I sighed underneath my breath, panting heavily before turning my gaze to the blonde male who saved my ass.

    “Are you a angel sent down from the heavens?”

    “Your funny.” The male responded. “But this is no time to zone out. The prince sent me here to keep an eye on you.”

    Wait a minute did he say the prince sent him here? Oh thank goodness at least the prince has some common sense. “Oh thank god he didn’t send me here to die!”

    The male rolled his eyes. He lifted up his walkie-talkie before turning his head to me. “I just got a report. We’re retreating for now.”

    “Oh thank heavens!”

    I sighed underneath my breath once we made it back to home base. I fell on my bed sighing underneath my breath. “I’m alive!”

    “Thanks to me.” I lifted myself upward to see the blonde male walking into the room. At that moment and time I was able to get a better view of this guys appearance. “Arthur?” I asked in shock causing the blonde to turn his head.

    “It’s Amour.”

    I scratched my head at this. “Sorry you look like a old friend of mine. Thanks a lot for the save back there I appreciate it. My name is Oliver by the way but I’m assuming the prince already told you that.”

    He gave a slow nod at this. “Indeed he did. Once you left the palace he asked me to keep an eye on you since I’m assuming your not used to guns yet.”

    I rolled my eyes at this. For some reason I have a hard time using a gun more so than a sword. When I hold onto a sword, my hands feel right at home but when it comes to guns it’s a completely different story. “I’ll never get used to those weird things. I barely know how to handle a small gun and yet you guys gave me a rifle? Do you want me to die?”

    Amour giggled at this. “Anyways our mission is to locate the traitor and nothing more. Once we do we can return to palace.”

    “All we need are evidence right?” I asked.

    “Basically it would be easier if we had abilities though.” He sighed. “I don’t have one and it looks as if you don’t either.”

    “I’m just a plan old ordinary human with no abilities.” As far as I know of that is. Whenever I’m around a computer my hands get all static and next thing I know it, my fingers typing speeds looks they’re on crack or something. “I normally work alone but I’m curious about how you roll.” I leaned over when I spoke wondering if this guy is related to my best friend.

    Amour tapped his chin at this while humming underneath his breath. “I don’t know to be honest with you. A lot of times I pass out and then I don’t remember anything that happened to me but according to the prince, apparently I seem to get my job done. I might just let whatever it is do its thing.” He confessed causing me to raise an eyebrow wondering if he has a split personality or not. “But if not I normally work together with my fellow teammates. I work for an organization that specializes in taking down missions like this or anything dealing with supernatural beings and what not. I can blend in with the shadows and use ninja like abilities to sneak around without anyone noticing me.”

    “That’s hard to believe.” I confessed while pointing at his hair. “I mean you have bright blonde hair after all. I could easily pick you out from the crowd.”

    “Haha very funny!” Amour sighed. “But no I’m serious I’m a pretty sneaky bastard.” He leaned forward while staring directly into my eyes. “You didn’t see me back there did you?”

    “Now that you’ve mentioned it your right.” Not unless I was too focused on the battlefield to even notice him. “I’m guessing your going to sneak around for info I’m assuming while I take care of their database?”

    “I thought technology wasn’t your strong point.” He reminded me.

    “I’ve gotten the hang of it. I’ve discovered that technology is my best friend after all.” I lifted up my head as I continued. “I’m not good with this.” I picked up my rifle to show him what I’m talking about. “And highly advanced technology. It took me awhile to get used to the computer interface but everything else is a pickle.”

    I heard hmmm coming from this mysterious guy. “What do you know about cameras?” He tested me.

    “I’m still learning.” I’ve confessed. “However I do know that computers have full control over security cameras right?”

    “True and all you need is just a computer to get your way however, I do want to point out not all security camera’s are controlled by computers. If I were you I would suggest staying on your tippy toes.”

    I rolled my eyes at his sarcasm. “Whatever anyways I’m heading out.”

    “It would look suspicious.” Amour insisted. “Let’s have some fun instead.”

    I raised my eyebrow at this. “What do you mean by having fun?” After seeing a smirk on Amour’s face, I knew instantly I’ve fucked up big time! In a matter of seconds I’ve found myself in another room, sitting on the beanbag chair. When I turned my gaze over to the fake guitar player Amour was wearing around his neck, I now know what Amour meant by having fun.

    “IT’S GUITAR HERO TIME!” Amour screamed right into the damn microphone too! I covered my innocent ears as Amour jammed his fingers into the guitar player. The blonde male child was having a good old time, bopping his head while jamming to the music. Should I mention how horrible his singing is? It’s bad enough he’s trying to imitate a screamo band out of all things.

    “Lord have mercy on my soul.”

    Just when things couldn’t have gotten worse, all you could hear was the lieutenant’s voice screaming down the hall. This guy’s voice was louder than the damn video game plus Amour’s horrible singing! “TURN DOWN THAT WRECK IT OR YOUR’LL BE HEARING IT FROM ME!”

    “I’m going to die!” I cried but only to get scolded by Amour.

    “Tsk tsk tsk the only way to play this game is to be one with the game.”

    “Prince Edward what have I ever done to you?”

    Amour laughed at my cry for help before tossing me the 2nd controller. I stared down at it before turning my gaze over to Amour in confusion. “Just go with the flow man you just have to have fun.” He played a string before sighing. “We might not make it out of here alive.”

    I hate to admit it but he does have a point. Prince Edward believes I’m immune to witch magic but that doesn’t mean Amour is. It’s hard to believe we’ve been in war with this witch since around the 15th century. I shook my head at this sighing underneath my breath deciding to join Amour on the fun. He must have something up his sleeve not unless he’s just plain stupid but I get the feeling that this isn’t the case. I never realized how long the two of us have been drinking while playing Guitar Hero. We were having a good time as if nothing in the world mattered to us however right around 1 or 2 AM was when the two of us walked out of the room looking like a drunk mess.

    If only I’ve known right then and there what Amour was doing. Just like me he has high tolerance but he was pretending to act drunk so they can wonder around the base to gather information regarding to our mission. On top of it we would have an excuse for our actions because we were drunk. Not a bad plan Amour your smarter than you look. When Amour kept offering me drinks back then I would make it seem like I was drinking like no tomorrow but all I had was 2 glasses. I sure hope he didn’t notice my little trick back there. Anyways it looks like it was my time to shine and to show how I do my work. While Amour was doing whatever he does, I decided to make my way into the cafeteria room. There I met three big buff guys smoking in the back of the room.

    “And here I thought smoking isn't allowed inside of the base. Can't you guys do this outside or something?” I’ve sighed wishing these guys would smoke someplace else. When one of the buffed guys let out a puff of smoke before turning his gaze, gritting his teeth as he spoke.

    “Beat it kiddo aren’t you the guy sent by Prince Edward?”

    I narrowed my eyes at this. “What makes you say that?”

    “Rumors bro.” The other guy answered. “You and the blonde dude appeared out of nowhere so it’s not surprising Prince Edward sent you.”

    “But the question is what for?” The other one growled.

    I couldn’t help but to place a smile on my face. I like the fact they’re trying me like these guys think they can intimidate me. Just because they’re built and have muscles doesn’t mean I can’t kick their ass even though I do wish I were built like them. I try to work out but my body refuses to change. I guess I’ll be a strong regular guy forever I suppose. I handed them a small picture out of my pocket as I spoke.

    “Have you seen them by any chance?” I asked hoping the three of them will corporate however it doesn’t look like this will be the case. It looks like the buff guy might be the leader of the group since he was the one who spoke out first.

    “So what if we did do you honestly expect us to tell you anything? You don’t know anything about this place do you. If you want information you have to earn it!”

    I smirked at this while nodding my head. “I see if that’s the case.” I got to my feet but within a matter of seconds I’ve grabbed the guy from his collar and threw him over my body. I jumped on his back, pulled his arm back while taking out a knife from my pocket. The other two reacted instantly however they held their ground when their boss responded.

    “Hold it you two. This guy is the real deal.” I let go of his arm and helped the guy back to his feet. He gave a slow nod at me before giving me some valuable information. “Those two were enrolled into the army to help fight against the Witches of Ages but they never arrived at roll call.”

    I remember my father mentioning about taking my sister to do some training but I never knew it had something to do with joining the military. What was my father thinking putting my sister in harm like this?

    “Can I ask you something kid?”

    “For exchanging info I’m up for it.”

    “What’s their relationship to you?”

    I hesitated before turning my gaze. “Their my missing family members.”

    “I see but I have a feeling Prince Edward didn’t send you here just for that.”

    “Partly the reason but I must ask you guys this one thing. Has anything strange been happening lately?”

    The three looked at each other before the 2nd guy responded. “The lieutenant has been acting very weird lately. He’s been nervous as if he’s being blackmailed or something. I can’t figure it out.”

    “That might explain why he called a retreat.” The other said causing me to cross my arms at this. I’ve started noticing this as well. I hope Amour was able to gather some sort of information to help us out.

    I gave a slow nod to the three buff guys before leaving the three of them behind. It was the middle of the night when Amour appeared in our room. I moved over to the edge of my bunk bed as I watched Amour jump into onto his bed. I shook my head before heading back to sleep. It was until the next morning we heard aloud siren sound coming from the speakers throughout camp. I couldn’t help but moan underneath my breath wishing to stay in bed a bit longer. I can’t believe we have to wake up at 5 AM to do a morning work out! I only had about 4 hours of sleep! This is killing me and I blame Amour for all of this! I leaned backwards over my bed, puffing my cheeks as I called out to Amour who was peacefully sleeping in the bed.


    “Shut up I is sleepy!”

    “I’m sleepy too but whose bright idea was it to play Guitar Hero all night long? IT WAS YOURS!”

    “Fine I’m up!” Amour slowly sat up from his bed however I couldn’t help but to laugh at his ridiculous bed head and the way he was hugging his pillow. It looked as if he was hugging a teddy bear or something!

    “You look like a mess!”

    “Look whose talking!”

    “Oh please I look like this all the time.” I confessed before climbing down the ladder standing in front of my partner’s bed. “Let’s go or else we’ll hear it from the lieutenant.”

    Amour sighed underneath his breath giving a slow nod before quickly getting himself ready. After a few minutes of fixing ourselves up, the two of us rushed over for roll call. The first part of the morning was a little training exercise before we had to head back into the frontline. Amour and I decided to partner up so we can exchange information about the mission. While holding onto his feet, whenever Amour would pull himself up he would whisper important information he’s discovered last night.

    “So apparently the higher ups are having a meeting today. From what I’ve gathered it looks like that’ll be our post for the day.”

    I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrow at this wondering where he got this information. All I gathered was the lieutenant is acting stranger than usual and some weird magic shit is going on. It would explain my pendant would glow whenever I’m around him. From my understanding my pendant can detect magic and witches. Whenever I’m by the lieutenant it would glow a dim light that means, the pendant detects a small bit of magic from him. The two of us shut our mouths when the lieutenant walked by us. When my pendant began to glow, I quickly covered my necklace and when I looked up the lieutenant was staring down at me with a concerned look on his face. I place a giant smile on my face trying to pull it off.

    “It’s a flash light you see?”

    “That’s a weird looking necklace.”

    “I agree.”

    The lieutenant sighed at this. “I’m starting to wonder if I should place you two under guarding duty.” He shook his head at this. “The prince ordered me to have you two on guarding duty. Follow me immediately and don’t fuck up!”

    “Yes sir!” The two of us responded.

    We quickly followed the lieutenant to the meeting room. I couldn’t help but to sigh due to annoyance wishing I could do something else besides standing here and watching the meeting take place. I never realized guarding could be a pain in the neck! Is this over yet I’m ready to go home now? Once I do I’m jumping in the shower and drinking some hot chocolate milk. I couldn’t help but to lick my chops however Amour elbowed me to knock me out of it. He whispered to me to pay attention I couldn’t help but to moan underneath my breath. And here I thought I was serious when it comes to missions. This guy beats me to it! I turned my head back to the meeting room wishing something interesting would happen so we can report it back to the prince and fast! Gosh darn it why did my wish end up coming true.

    My necklace was glowing again and I had to hide it deep within my army clothes so the others wouldn’t notice however it seems like I was too late. One of the higher ups noticed, his dark red eyes staring directly at mine. I turned my gaze back to my position but I know for one thing though. That guy still had eyes on me like goodness I know I’m kind of hot and all but you don’t have to stare at me that hard! I whispered into Amour’s ear about this but something felt wrong. It felt as if Amour’s aura had changed causing me to step back an inch or two. What’s going on does it has to deal with his split personality? If his split is coming out that means something bad is about to happen.

    I slowly took my hand out of my pocket, creating hand signals for only the lieutenant to notice. He gave a slow nod at my response and before he had the chance to say something, the guy from earlier stood up from the table. Crap did he notice it? I thought to myself uncertain and just before I had the chance to react, BAM! My eyes widened as I watched the creepy ass guy fall to the ground with a bullet through his forehead! There was silence in the room as we tried to figure out exactly what had happened. It looks like the bullet came from this direction! When I turned around to see who it was, all you could see was my mouth dropping and a gasping sound escape from my mouth. It was my partner Amour who had pulled the trigger! What the hell was he thinking? I grabbed a hold of his collar, shaking him back and forth.

    “You idiot what the hell was you thinking?”

    I felt a cold stare coming from my partner and I couldn’t help but to back away from him. “He’s not dead you dumbass.” What did he just say the guy wasn’t dead? That’s impossible he shot him in the forehead! Before the lieutenant or any of the higher commanders had the chance to arrest my partner, the dead man rose from the dead and man did it look creepy. He looks like a fucking zombie I tell you and my necklace is going crazy because of it! To make matters worse, the guy lifted up his head, his eyes were closed with a smile on his face.

    “You’ve found me!”

    That sounded creepy as fuck! I quickly lifted up my rifle, my hands shivering like no tomorrow. Just before I had the chance to pull the trigger, Amour seemed to have beaten me to it. I counted at least 5 bullets slamming right into the guy’s chest and after the 5th bullet; the man’s body was bent backwards like clay or something. I don’t know how to describe it however; he shot himself up and reflected the bullets right back!


    Amour said as we all tried to duck away from the gunshots. I squealed like a little girl trying my hardest to dodge the shots as much as possible. I couldn’t believe this is happening I’m going to fucking die and this is his entire fault! When Amour knocked the table down to block the bullets, I’ve dived right next to him and the lieutenant hissing underneath my breath. “When I come back as a ghost I’m going to kill you myself!”

    “You idiot warn us next time!” The lieutenant agreed causing Amour to sigh underneath his breath.

    “The guy would’ve made the first move if I haven’t stepped in.” Amour responded. “And if I’ve warned you guys he would’ve noticed like that hand signal you made earlier.”

    “It was original we’ve discussed this before going to the meeting! Anyways what happened to the other commanders?” I turned my head but I couldn’t help but bite my lip at the devastating results. 2 of the other commanders are dead but it looks like one still remains and not for long! I need to find away to save his ass before this shit gets crazy. I turned my head to Amour hissing underneath my breath.

    “Don’t shoot!” I rushed forward running as fast as I could to the other end of the room. I did a barrel roll to get behind the fallen side table to keep an eye on the other commander. I turned my gaze to the creepy as man wondering what kind of move it’s going to pull off next however, I wasn’t expecting this! I should probably explain what’s happening. So have you guys heard about Dragon Ball Z? Okay so imagine this guy going Super Saiyan but instead of a normal screaming it sounds evil! This guy was surrounded by dark powerful aura and then suddenly he turned into a powerful looking demon! I twitched my eyes at this while giving off a nervous laughter from my mouth. “We’re going to die!”

    “Oh shut up already!” Amour hissed however, when I turned my gaze to Amour I couldn’t help but tilt my head at this strange result. He had his fingers shaped like a gun.

    “What are you doing?”

    Amour must’ve ignored me because after a few seconds, he pulled the trigger and all I could hear was the sound of shots flying right into the demons belly. I blinked a few times at this wondering where they came from. “What happened?”

    “When did you turn into a wuss?” Amour moaned. “He can’t reflect these shots so we should be safe and sound. Get the those two out of here while I distract them now hurry!”

    I wasn’t exactly certain as to what was going on but I’ve decided to go with the flow. I pushed the commander out of his hiding spot and would grab a hold of the lieutenant right after however, I knew this wasn’t going to be easy! The demon spotted us and rushed forward with its sharp claws ready to claw us to tiny little pieces! I quickly pushed higher ups outside as I wait for my death but it doesn’t look like this will be the case! Amour was able to jump in front of me, lifted up his arm to create some sort of shield. I can’t figure out exactly what was going on. This has to be Amour’s ability some how maybe he can use any weapon he likes but he has to make some sort of hand movement with his hands. It’s like charades of some sort I guess you can say? I bit my lip, wishing I could do something to help Amour out instead of acting like a pussy! I used to be braver than this, leading a army into war and saving lives and now here I am running around screaming like a little girl. What’s the hell is wrong with me?


    I turned my head to see Prince Edward rushing towards me. What the hell is he thinking running into a dangerous situation like this is he out of his mind? “Prince Edward it’s too dangerous!”

    “I have a special delivery!” The prince said before throwing my sword into the air. “I expected this to happen so I brought backup!”

    “That’s just what I needed.” I jumped into the air, grabbing a hold of my sword before falling to my feet. All you could see was electricity forming around my sword and when it did I couldn’t help but to lick my chops at this result. “Welcome backs my baby! Let’s take this beast down once in for all! Amour I need a opening!” I called out to him before rushing forward with my necklace glowing like no tomorrow. I swear I need to find an off switch for this damn thing it’s annoying as fuck!

    On the other hand, Amour gave a slow nod before turning his hands into a shape of a gun once more. He shot a couple of times at the demon, causing it to roar like no tomorrow. That was when I came into play by jumping into the air and slicing my sword rights its skin! I landed onto my feet, twirling the sword between my fingers before flipping my hair. “Checkmate.” After a few second delays, the demon behind me was struck by electricity before exploding into purple like ashes. I rubbed my face up against my sword as if it was a dog or something. “I missed you my precious sword I missed you so much!”

    “No comment.” Prince Edward sighed. “Nice work you two I wouldn’t have done this without you.” He turned his head to Amour with a smile on his face. “And thanks for the help Arthur.”

    “Arthur?” I wasn’t certain what the prince was talking about. I had an old friend named Arthur many years ago but this can’t be right. He can’t alive in this time frame that’s impossible! I turned my head to see Amour lifting up his head with a smile on his face.

    “No problem Oliver wouldn’t have survived this without me. I don’t have much time. I’ll chat with you later.”

    “Wait Arthur!” Before I had the chance to reunite with my old friend, I felt his aura change back to normal and soon enough, Amour opened his eyes while giving off a soft yawn.

    “What a nice nap. Wait what happened?” He turned his head to the meeting room before squealing. “Why are two people dead on the floor? What happened why are Prince Edward here and Oliver why do you have a sword?”

    Wow he really doesn’t remember anything huh? I shook my head at this before placing my hand on his shoulder. “We’ll explain it to you later. I’m so ready for my hot chocolate milk right now and a nice hot shower!”

    The first thing I got home I took a nice hot shower while drinking my hot chocolate milk. I let out a relaxing sigh as I made my way down the hall with my towel wrapped around my waste. “Drinking some delicious milk out of a hot shower is the best thing ever. I can finally relax after this crazy fucking adventure” Perhaps I’ve spoken too soon! When I walked into the living room I saw my brother Jayden standing in the kitchen and he sure looked puzzled if you ask me. “Hey Jayden what’s up?”

    “Oh your home welcome back! How was the mission?”

    “I’d rather not talk about it.” I’ve sighed. “What are you up to?”

    “Um I’m trying to figure out what to make for my friend.”

    I stared at him for a bit when he said the word friend in a sarcastic like manner. “Um what does he like?”


    “What friend is this?”

    “JAYDEN I’M HUNGRY I WANT TO EAT NOW!” I heard a voice coming from a distance and before I had the chance to react, there was a little ghost floating right in front of me. “Can I eat him?”

    “NO that’s my twin brother hands off!” Jayden hissed. “This is my friend I guess you can say oh wait you can see him too? That’s weird I thought I’m the only one who can see spirits.”

    “Hi I’m Ghostie now give me your soul!”

    I stared at this situation and after a few minutes, I turned on my heel and made my way into my bedroom. I slammed the door shut and after a few seconds, all you could hear was me screaming like no tomorrow. “WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS SHIT KEEP HAPPENING TO ME?”
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    It was good to see my brother safe and unharmed but I could tell he went through a lot of drama. The fact that he walked in half naked while drinking hot chocolate milk explains it. I couldn’t help but laugh at this as we sat down in the living room explaining what happened to my confused brother. It’s difficult to believe Oliver can see Ghostie I mean I’m the only person who can see spirits. When I was younger I would run away hiding behind my siblings. Even back then he never mentioned he could see spirits. He was rather confused about the situation however my brother would play it off by pretending to be protecting me from danger. I couldn't help but smile at this situation but only to get snapped at by Ghostie.


    “I’m trying to explain this to your brother and your not paying attention?”

    “He was probably thinking about the good old days.” Oliver smiled but only to get snapped at by Ghostie.

    “Or maybe it’s because you need to put some clothes on!”

    Oliver leaned over with his eyes narrowed. “You try going into the service while dodging bullets and grenade and dealing with a demons while meeting a idiot at the same time!”

    Wait what exactly did Oliver say? I couldn’t believe he took a mission like that! He gets on my ass about surviving and yet he does something like this? I hissed at my brother and all you could hear was my brother squealing in the background. “OLIVER HOW DARE YOU TAKE ON A DANGEROUS MISSION LIKE THAT?”

    “Now hold on calm those dark flames.” Oliver begged. “I found information regarding to our family members.”

    “AND YOU ALMOST DIED?” I added.

    “Listen okay sis and father were supposed to go into war for training.” Oliver explained. “But they never showed up. Remember what father said before they left? He said they were going through training for the next few weeks.”

    I calmed down my aura at this. “Is that so I’m curious about whose giving you these dangerous missions? Does it have to deal with that friend of yours from childhood?” I asked remembering the times mother would take him out with his friend all the time.

    Oliver turned his gaze. “Well yeah.”

    “Who the hell is this guy?”

    “Wait hold on I is in the middle of conversation about the life of a ghost!”

    “Hold that thought!” I hissed. “This is important okay? I need to figure out where he’s getting these dangerous missions from.”

    “I promised him I wouldn’t say anything.” Oliver confessed. “Oh fine let me just call him and have him come over.”

    “Just tell me who!”

    “If I did you wouldn’t believe me!” Oliver responded. “He’s on his way.”

    “That was fast.” I sighed but that was in Ghostie jumped in.


    “Fine goes ahead!” I apologized.

    “Good now let me explain the situation and if you two interrupt me again I’m-“

    However it looks as if someone walked in on the conversation and Ghostie couldn’t help but hiss at the intruder. “Hey Oliver I got your call!”

    “Edward it’s great to see you!” Oliver walked over giving him a secret handshake however; on the other hand I was staring in shock.

    “Prince Edward?”

    “Yup!” Oliver leaned over his friend’s shoulder. “This is a old buddy of mine since way back.”

    I raised my eyebrow. “Since you were 4 years old I get it.”

    “Nope even longer.” Oliver winked making me narrow my eyes once more.

    “What the hell not this craziness again.”

    “FUCK YOU GUYS I’M OUT!” Ghostie hissed. “Fuck all of you! I’LL EAT YOUR SOULS LATER!” Ghostie flew out before I had the chance to say anything. I shook my head at this.

    “I’ll talk to him later.” I sighed. “I’ll take him out to ramen.”

    “Did someone say Hotaru’s famous Ramen Noodles? Let’s go!” Oliver cheered with Edward nodding his head for approval.

    “Oh I’ve heard about that place.” Edward said. “That’s perfect it’s the best place to catch up with each other.”

    “Are you allowed to run around without a bodyguard?” I asked causing Edward to narrow his eyes.

    “I have Oliver with me so I’m fine and besides they know I can handle myself. I’m very difficult to kill and to be manipulated you know?”

    “Alright if you say so.” I said. “Let me see if I can call Ghostie back.”


    I couldn’t help but to shake my head at this. I’m used to this question so I might as well drop it for now. “It’s nothing he’ll follow. Anyways let’s visit a old friend of ours.”

    It took us about 20 minutes to get there but honestly it was worth every damn minute. I would look out the window, hoping the little ghost was doing all right but at the same time I started wondering why the hell am I worried about the little ghost anywise? I shook my head at this and it didn’t take us long to get there. The three of us rushed out to the ramen place and when we walked in, we were welcomed by the whole staff team.

    “Come on in… OLIVER AND JAYDEN?”

    “Kai long time no see?” Oliver called out.

    “Dude we haven’t seen each other since the Games!”

    Kai was part of our team during the Games. It was hard to believe his family runs a ramen shop. I nodded my head at this. “Sorry we’ve been busy with missions and stuff.”

    “Hmmm still looking for your father and sister I see?” He replied. “I’m sure you’ll find her just have faith! Anyways why don’t you sit down we have a special going on!"

    “Sounds great!” Oliver said but that was when Edward jumped into the conversation.

    “Are we talking about the Games?”

    “Wait you know about it?” Oliver asked as the three of us sat down at the table.

    “Yeah I have a friend who took part of it. Her name is Francis.”

    “You know her?” Kai asked. “She used to be part of our squad.”

    “It’s a small world after all.” Edward responded. “Yeah we work together in the organization to take down supernatural missions.”

    “Tell her I said hi for me will you?” Kai waved. “I have to go I’ll talk to you guys later. Give me a holler more often you guys.”

    We waved before sitting back at the table. It took us some time to get our food but man was it delicious! I haven’t had their ramen in years I need to head back more often! I slurped up my ramen however, by looking at the corner of my there he was face planted right into the window frame. I couldn’t help but giggle at Ghostie’s face as I moved my hand telling him to come in. Ghostie fell for it instantly after I slurped down my ramen. I allowed him to take over the instant he possessed my body.

    “This is delicious!” Ghostie would say but it seemed as if the other two caught on in this strange situation.

    “Hey Jayden why is your eyes green?” Oliver asked, causing me to stare at him in confusion.

    “What is he talking about Ghostie?”

    “I don’t know I just want to eat my damn ramen.”

    “You mean my ramen right?”

    “Whatever what should I say?”

    “Take out my phone.”

    “What’s a phone?”

    I sighed at this. “Take out the object that's in my pocket and click on camera.”

    Doing as he was told, Ghostie took out my phone and looked at the camera feature but when we did, I couldn’t believe what we were seeing. My brown eyes turned green somehow. I wonder whenever Ghostie takes over my eyes turn green. I better take over and quickly. My eyes turned back to normal the instant I took over. “So what are you guys talking about?”

    “Oh it changed again.” Oliver leaned in. “Does it have to deal with Ghostie?”

    I nodded my head at this. “Yeah I have full control over my body.” I confessed. “But anyways I agree with Kai. We need to ask our old friends for help instead of working alone all the time. Also how come you’ve never introduced him to me?” I was referring to Edward uncertain as to why my brother kept his mouth shut the whole entire time. What’s their relationship and how did he meet the prince out of all people? We don’t know too much about this guy since he’s kind of mysterious and keeps things to himself. “And prince or no prince you shouldn’t have put my brother into danger like that! He’s the only person I have left besides our crazy mother.” I hissed.

    “I apologize this was an emergency mission and besides you might not know it but Oliver has experience with this stuff.”

    “Experience won’t get you far. You might’ve survived once or twice but going again the third time is pushing it.” I growled. “No more front line nonsense do you understand?”

    “Yes Jayden sir.”

    “Good!” I added while crossing my arms. Oliver looked back and forth from the confused prince to his tense brother. All you could see was a smirk on his face before turning his head to Edward.

    ♪ “BONES.”♪

    Edward turned his head hissing underneath his breath. “Don’t you fucking dare!”

    I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on here. All I heard was my brother started singing some strange song that I’ve never heard before and it’s pissing the prince off. ♪ “They Crinkle they Crackle,
    until there aren’t none anymore
    B-B-B BONES.”♪

    Next thing I know it, Edward was wrapping his arm around Oliver’s neck. “I’m going to kill you!”

    Meanwhile all I could see was Kai poking his head out the kitchen yelling across the restaurant. “Oliver I swear if you sing that song I’m going to kick you out!”

    What’s going on what’s so bad about the song other than the bad lyrics? From the looks of it, no one has heard of this song before other than Kai and the prince according to their confused expression on their face. I wonder if they know each other or something and they know the true meaning of the song. Maybe Prince Edward sung it to Oliver at one point and he caught on. That was bad mistake number one! “But guys it’s so beautiful!” Oliver giggle making me roll my eyes wishing my brother would stop being such a little prankster.

    “You’ll summon that bastard here!” Edward hissed.

    “But I want to meet him. You guys keep going on and on about how you met this weird guy who has an obsession with bones.”

    “And I’ve also mentioned he’s dangerous. He tortured us during the process and he’ll do the same thing to you as well if you don’t zip your lip!”

    I’m so confused about what’s going on. I just sat there slurping my ramen as my brother tried to push his buttons. ♪ “BONES.” ♪

    Edward leaned into Oliver’s ear whispering something in a soft tone of voice, making it difficult for me to catch onto what he was saying. Despite this being the case, I was able to pick up a few words and I was honestly surprised with the results. “Hey Oliver. You do realize I can break every bone in your body right?” There was something about his voice made me shiver as I listened carefully to the rest to what he’s saying. “I can make them spin and rotate and I can swap your bones out or better yet pull them out of your own body. Do you want me to do that?”

    Oliver had a worry smirk on his face and I could tell he was sweating a bit. “Alright I’ll shut up.”

    “Good!” Edward sat back down and his intense aura vanished out of site. He had a smile on his face as he turned his eyes towards mine. “Sorry about that. I bet you’re confused about the whole situation.”

    “Have you met Kai before by any chance?” I was a little nervous about asking this question after hearing how cold and calm his voice sounded. Does Edward have the ability to manipulate bones and if so was the song lyrics based off him or something? I might have to ask my brother about this later.

    “Yeah we went on a mission together.” Prince Edward explained. “It was he and another girl actually. It was a very difficult mission and we barely made it out alive. The song Oliver was singing has something to do with that mission. Jayden if you see a man with wavy purple hair, a pointy chin mustache and wears a hat with a skull on it run away as fast as you can do you understand me?”

    I see so the song was talking about that guy then and from the sound of Edward’s voice, he sounded very serious about the situation. Kai what did that guy do to you? “Noted thanks for the info!”

    “But I really want to meet him.” Oliver continued causing me to sigh underneath my breath.

    “Drop it Oliver if this guy is that dangerous then it’s best to take Prince Edward and Kai’s word. “

    “I can’t help it Edward talks about him all the time you know?”

    “He likes to torture people by using his bone manipulation you idiot!” Edward said.

    “Just like you do?” Oliver must’ve pulled a nerve or something because all I could see was Edward twitching his eyes.

    “It’s not his fault really.” Kai spoke as he made his way up to our table to swap out our drinks with fresh ones. “He did it for both of our sakes. “

    “Is he that bad I mean he can’t be as bad as the Witch of Ages can he?” I asked out of curiosity.

    “Close enough.” Edward said while Oliver sighed underneath his breath.

    “Ah man could you imagine the two of them dating and giving birth? Just imagine what their son or daughter would be like.”

    “I’d rather not think about that thank you very much. If they do end up having a child I’m keeping watch on them at all cost!” Edward growled. “And I don’t believe this is possible. Why else would that Bone guy chose me out of all people?”

    “What are you talking about?” I asked causing Edward to turn his head while puffing his cheeks.

    “It’s nothing.”

    It’s defiantly something I can tell you that much. Before I had the chance to say anything, Kai seemed to have interrupted my thought pattern. “Hey your eyes are green.”

    “What the? GHOSTIE CUT IT OUT!”


    “Ghostie?” I blinked a few times after hearing this from Kai and Edward before sighing underneath my breath. “Please ignore!” I said pulling the same trick that Prince Edward had used earlier.

    The four of us chatted away for about an hour or so before turning home. Prince Edward made his way back to the palace while the two of us lounge around bored as fuck. In the mean time Ghostie was taking this opportunity to explain to us about the life as a ghost. He felt this was very educational and the two of should know this from top to bottom especially me out of all people. I mean I guess it makes sense due to me having a ghost inside of my body and all however there was one thing that caught my interest.

    According to Ghostie there was a human warrior many years ago that would keep an eye on spiritual creatures and make sure they’re kept in place. I couldn’t help but turn my glare at my brother at this, noticing the interested look on his face. I wasn’t sure why my brother was interested in this out of all things but then again when it comes to princess and the medieval time he’s all over it. It’s his favorite part of history after all but sometimes he makes it seem like he was there the whole time. When were in history class he would go on and on about the time frame and would snap at the teacher if she says something incorrectly. My brother is like a living history book.

    “What caught your attention?” I asked Oliver.

    “You know me with my history knowledge.” He answered. “I’m just curious about one of the triplet prince you know? According to my research he used to share a strong connection with the spiritual world however during that time people were still weary of witches. They were welcomed in society however, people couldn’t help but feel suspicious around them.” He crossed his arms as he continued. “The third Prince kept this a secret from most of the world which is why it’s not mentioned in the history books. If they’ve found out he has a spiritual connection with ghosts they might consider him as a witch and would never accept him as their king. It was a huge mess back in the day.”

    “How do you know so much about it when it wasn’t in the history books?”

    Oliver pointed his finger at Ghostie. “He confirmed it and on top of it I’ve been gathering information from the main source aka Prince Edward.”

    “I forgot your somehow best friends with the prince.” I rolled my eyes at this still having a hard time believing how the hell my brother became close friends with the prince.

    “It’s called connections.” He said sarcastically while rolling his eyes. “I know a lot of people you know?”

    “By putting yourself into danger it seems.” I’ve responded back.

    “I said I’m sorry.”

    “Yeah and you get on me about the Games so I’m not dropping it.”

    “That’s different you died and came back to life.”

    “Don’t pull that damn trick on me.” I hissed at this.

    “Fine I’ll drop it.” Oliver promised.

    “Good then I’ll drop it.”

    On the other hand Ghostie floated there confused as fuck at the situation. “How the hell did we go from the ghost world to this?”

    “Good question.” Oliver joked and I couldn’t help but laugh in agreement.

    “Jayden and Ghostie I need you to come to the Ghost world. I have a mission for you.”

    I blinked a few times at this before turning my head to Ghostie. “What was that?”

    “What was what?” Oliver asked.

    “It’s the Ghost queen! She needs us let’s go!”

    “Wait I want to eat my cookie first!” I called out as Ghostie dragged me into a portal to send us to the ghost world however, all you could see was my mouth gasping as I watched my cookie fall to the ground. “NOOOO NOT MY CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE!”

    All you could see was I pouting in a corner once we’ve arrived at the mansion. Ghostie was rolling his eyes while the Ghost Queen was giggling at my stupidity. I was so upset I really wanted to finish my cookie how dare they do this to me! “This mission better be important.”

    “It is however you might not like it.” The queen responded which seemed to have caught my attention. “There’s another dangerous phenomenon happening in the area. I would like the two of you to investigate this as soon as possible.”

    “Okay what is it?” I asked but I noticed something quite interesting. It looks like the queen herself has gone quiet for a bit before responding.

    “It’s the Games 2.0.”
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    In all honesty I don’t know what’s happening anymore. I was sitting down on the couch as Jayden's pet ghost decides to explain this whole ghost story to us until suddenly a random portal appeared. Next thing I know it, Jayden was being pulled right inside of the portal screaming before disappearing out of sight. I stared at this scene then down at the broken piece of cookie lying helplessly on the floor. After a few more minutes I got up on my feet, walked over to the refrigerator to take out my chocolate milk.

    “I need this in my life right now.”

    When things couldn’t get any worse, my phone went off and once I’ve realized whom it was I’ve decided to drink two glasses of hot chocolate milk. “Lord have mercy on my soul. I’m too young to die.” Right after I’ve finished my milk, I opened the door and there he was standing right in front of me with his eyes staring directly into mine.

    “Please have mercy on my soul Prince Edward.” I begged however seeing that smirk on his face wasn’t going to cut it!

    “Do you mind if I play with them just a little bit?”

    “No thanks. Do you need something?”

    “I hate to ask you this after returning home from your previous mission but I have a request. I received a S.O.S from a Turben academy.”

    “Dude you picked the right person for the job. I’ve graduated from there.”

    “Wait you did? Have you heard about the crazy shit that’s happening lately? Students are going missing and they need someone to find them ASAP!”

    I placed my hand on my chin after hearing this. “Sounds familiar when I was there students have gone missing as well. The president went off to find them but he came back as the only survivor.”

    “The only survivor?” Edward asked out of curiosity.

    “Yeah he came back with a dead female resting in his arms. According to the president he tried to save all the missing students but he was unable to save them all. I felt bad since I know how the president works. He’s the type of guy who would do almost anything to save his comrades.” I’ve explained while sighing underneath my breath. “While he was investigating he had me take over as president of the student council. I couldn’t believe he did that.”

    “Aren’t you supposed to promote the vice president for that?”

    “That’s what I’ve said but he just looked at me with a huge smile on his face. I couldn’t believe it!”

    Edward couldn’t help but to giggle at this. “I bet he had a lot of faith in you. Perhaps we should gather more information about this then. What’s his name if you don’t mind me asking?”

    “Jamie Sanders.” I’ve replied.

    “That name rings a bell.”

    “I don’t know how he survived that island but man he looked like shit. He was in tears all week and wouldn’t reclaim the role as president heck I had to snap him out of it and that took some time to actually give him enough courage to reclaim his position.”

    Edward bit his lip at this. “This sounds dangerous. I’m starting to wonder if I should go with you.”

    “But what if you get yourself killed?”

    “Oliver how many times do I have to tell you? It takes a lot to kill me!” Edward reminded me while shaking his head. “Let me ask Jayden.”

    “NO! If this is similar to the games that’s not happening oh speaking of the devil I just got a text message from him.” I took out my phone to read his text. “Looks like he’ll be busy for the next few days. Also he said don’t be mad at him. I wonder what he’s doing.”

    “There goes that idea. I’m going to gather information regarding to this case. For now I would like you to get in touch with Jamie about this I hope he’ll corporate.”

    Eh does he seriously expect me to have this guy’s number oh wait didn’t Jamie randomly give me his number after the incident? I looked at my phone while sighing underneath my breath at this. I never even sent him a text message well that’s just great what if he doesn’t remember me? When Edward left the house to do his own thing, I ended up calling this old college friend of mine.

    “Let’s hope he never changed his phone number.” Right when I said that the phone picked up.

    “Hello this is Jamie speaking how may I help you?”

    He sounds like an operator. “Hey Jamie its Oliver from Turben Academy.”

    “Who again?”

    Ah shit he doesn’t remember. I thought before gulping underneath my breath. “I took over the president role for you when you were on that crazy island.”

    After another long pause I was about to say never mind until this guy nearly screamed right into my ear. “OLIVER LONG TIMES NO SEE! Dude sorry about that we haven’t spoken in ages! You never texted me dude!”

    I gave a guilty chuckle at this. “Sorry I’m just uh very awkward on the phone that’s all.”

    “No shit what’s up man?”

    “I hate to bug you since I know we haven’t chatted in awhile and I do apologize for bring up a horrible memory. It looks like the island games are kicking in again.” I didn’t hear anything but once I did, I noticed the tone of his voice changed from excitement to seriousness.

    “It’s happening again isn’t it?”

    “Yeah students have gone missing and the academy sent a SOS to Prince Edward. He’s placing me on this case but he wanted to me to gather as much information as possible before jumping right into the madness.”

    I heard a growl coming from the other line before he spoke. “Oliver it’s dangerous you won’t make it out of there alive. It’s best for me to go with you.”

    “And have you go through that trauma again? I don’t think so!” I snapped. “I was a little nervous about calling you in regards to this since I know you’ve been through a lot. Prince Edward and I plan on stopping the games for good but in order for this to happen we need all the details we can get.”

    “I know and it’s understandable but I’m telling you that you won’t survive without me. I don’t want to lose anyone that I’m close to despite us barely chatting to one another.”

    “And that was my fault.” I sighed. “I’m more of a face to face kind of guy.”

    “Same after this we should hangout! I’m dying to know what you’ve been up to lately.”

    “Just the same old same old.” I love how this guy acts as if we’re best friends however, I couldn’t help but feel that we’re. Why do I have a feeling I’ve known him years now?

    “Man you really suck at talking on the phone.” Jamie laughed causing my cheeks to turn red.

    “No I don’t!”

    “Whatever you say partner. Anyways I’ll send a request to see if Prince Edward will allow me to join you on this quest.”

    “Your not going to back down I’m assuming?”


    “Why do I have a feeling your smiling while giving a peace sign?”

    “That’s because I am! Shit I should’ve known your psychic! Where should we meet?”

    “How about my family’s restaurant?”

    “Sounds good send me the address and I’ll head right over. It’s good to hear from yeah dude and don’t be a stranger.”

    “Stranger danger?”

    “Your funny later.”

    I hung up after that but only to let out a long dragging sigh. “Why do I have the feeling we’re going to be in so much trouble and then Edward shows up and takes care of everything in a flash? Yeah that sounds like prince Edward to me.” I said as I made my way over to my family’s restaurant.

    Once I got there, I’ve noticed Jamie leaned up against the sidewall with his phone in his hands. I started wondering if he was about to text me and soon enough I received a buzzer from my pocket. I sighed before waving my hand at him and before I had the chance to say anything, Jamie tackled hug me making me nearly fall flat on the ground! He lifted up his hand and placed it on my head giving me a hard nudge!

    “Oliver it’s so good to see you!”

    “Can I breathe please?”

    “Oh sorry man I’ve been hanging out with one of my comrades a bit too much.” He said before lending me a hand to help me up. “You haven’t changed a bit.”

    “Same for you although.” I pointed my finger at his curvy bangs. “I think your bangs were shorter the last time we’ve met. Your bangs are so weird they’re shape like a upside down C.”

    Jamie laughed while slapping my back. “And my purple highlights are popping out too.”

    “You and your weird hair color! Red hair with purple highlights how does that work?”

    “I don’t know and yet my adopted parents say I was born this way.”

    “In other words they found you like this. Such a weird hairdo if you ask me.”

    Jamie placed a smirk on his face at that. “I never knew your family owns a restaurant dude and not just a restaurant one of the best in town!”

    “I have my little secrets.” I’ve responded. “Come on in and since this is your first time you get a discount.”

    “How do you guys stay in business?”

    “We’re loyal to our customers and besides my mother would never allow this place to die. Also Prince Edward should be catching up with us soon. I put a reservation down for him already.”

    I took him inside of the restaurant and was instantly greeted by one of the workers. They took me to my usual spot and gave us the menu. I pointed my finger to one of the specials that we were having and the recommended dish although in all I should have the weightier do all of this. Once I walk into the restaurant my work mode goes off and I can’t seem to help myself.

    “This place seems great thanks for inviting me.”

    “No problem I already ordered food for Edward. I sent him a picture of the menu so it should be ready when he arrives.”

    Jamie leaned in closer. “What’s he like? I’ve never met him before.”

    “Uh.” How should I respond to this? I scratched my chin while giving a nervous chuckle. “Well he can be quite creepy at times.”

    “Oh you think I’m creepy you say?”

    I jumped nearly ten feet in the air after hearing Prince Edward’s voice. He was standing right in front of us and yet I couldn’t help but give another nervous chuckle. “And this is why I wasn’t going to say anything because you always show up when we’re talking about yeah.”

    Edward placed a smile on his face and yet I shivered at his cold smile. “So you think I’m creepy?”

    “Not at all until you do your bone stuff.” I confessed causing the prince to sigh underneath his breath. He turned his head turning his cold smile to a warm and calming one.

    “You must be Jamie. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

    Something felt off with his smile and the tone of his voice. I couldn’t help but stare at him as Edward sat right next to me.

    “It’s a honor to meet you!” Jamie tried to bow his head but he hit the table instead. While Edward was staring in confusion, I couldn’t help but laugh my head off. “Owe where did this table come from?”

    “I can’t I can’t!” I fell over on the seat as I continue to laugh my head off.

    “Anyways.” Edward would say trying to return to the subject. “Can you tell us more about this island?”

    Jamie gave a slow nod. “Yeah there’s two ways to get to this island. The first one seems rather simple by taking a boat while the 2nd one a monster takes you there by force. The 2nd one happens to be the common one out of the two. It’s the quickest way to drag people onto the island. There’s no way back to the island and even if you try to swim the academy seems to looks so far away. It’s like no matter how close you get you’ll never make it back She probably placed a spell for those who’re strong enough to swim back across. The only way to make it back home is by winning the game but it’s not easy. The games are more like a survival games similar to the Hunger Games expect you aren’t killing each other. Instead demons are trying to kill you and you can’t use your abilities if you have any that is.”

    “Wait what do you mean you can’t use your abilities?” I asked as I slowly sat myself upward.

    “She uses some sort of spell to prevent us from using our powers.” Jamie explained. “So your completely powerless unless your lucky. There’s a small demon like species that live on the island and they’re rather friendly. They enjoy humans and will do whatever they can to help them out. It’s unknown as to why these things show curiosity towards our race but as far as I know of they’re trustworthy and very loyal. In order to have some sort of chance in surviving you can form a contract with them. Normally these guys preform a temporary contract and that’s only to help you to get through the games. Depending on which one you chose would determine what kind of power you’ll receive. These guys focus heavily on elemental like abilities.”

    “What’s the contract like?” Edward asked causing Jamie to tilt his head.

    “Just to borrow their abilities and work by their side. You can do long terms as well but it depends on how well you build a friendship with them.”

    “Can I come out to say hi now?”

    I nearly jumped ten feet in the air before hiding behind Edward like a little girl. Edward seemed to have rolled his eyes at this as I slowly poked my head out. “What was that?”

    “Sorry.” Jamie replied. “No not yet not unless you want a bunch of people to see you?”

    “But I want to meet more humans!”

    Jamie sighed before turning his head to us. “So remember about that contract I was telling you about? Well let’s just say I formed a long term contract with one since we became close friends.”

    “You did what?” Edward had to cover my mouth because of how loud I was.

    “I know I never mentioned it to you guys because I was rather depressed about not saving everyone. I was one of the lucky ones it seems. It’s rather difficult to find these guys you know?”

    “And the bitch approves of this?’” Edward asked causing Jamie to nod his head.

    “Yeah she even mentions them in the introduction portion.”

    “Are you sure they aren’t working for her?”

    A little creature popped out of Jamie’s jacket pocket with its cheeks puffed. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I WOULD NEVER WORK FOR THAT BITCH!”

    Jamie shoved the bat cat like creature back into his pocket within a flash before turning his head and giving off a nervous chuckle. “Ahaha they’re scared of her heck they live farther down the island you see?”

    “What the hell?” I said while Edward remained calm as ever.

    “Interesting I think I’ve heard about these guys before. They secretly worked with King Arthur against the Witch of Ages. The problem is the Witch of Ages placed a curse on their whole entire species. They were forced to stay on island of death. The only way for them to leave the island is by preforming a contract with a human. I’ve also read how these guys were spiritual creatures that were turned into demons because of her.”

    “What they helped King Arthur back in the day?” Jamie and I asked while Edward gave a nod of approval.

    “Yup according to the reports that is. I believe one of them used to work with King Arthur back then. Hey Jamie I want to ask you something.”

    “Sure what’s up?”

    “Do you know who your parents are?’

    I stared at him for a second wondering if this is the reason why he’s acting so weird. Jamie shook his head at his response. “If your talking about my birth parents no I don’t.”

    “I see.”

    “I’m assuming you do right? Do you mind telling me what they’re like?”

    “You don’t want to know. Your father wants me to stay quiet so you’ll be safe from harm.”

    Jamie rolled his eyes. “Just like that one guy told me in my vision.”


    “Well when I was depressed there was a dark figure appearing in front of me. He was trying to calm me down and told me this wasn’t my fault. The voice kept going on about how I need to stay positive and not allow the witch to corrupt me. I was confused by it but I had a feeling it was my birth father telling me this. He said the same thing he refuses to reveal himself to me since he’s worried he might corrupt me heck he even said he shouldn’t even be there. I was able to get over it rather quickly it seems but I couldn’t help but wonder if that was my father or not.”

    Edward bit his lip at this. “It was.”

    “I see. I couldn’t get a view of his face but I could tell he was worried about me. I guess that’s why I want to learn more about him.”

    “He tortures people.” Edward would say causing me to lift up my head.

    No way is he talking about the Bones guy? I thought to myself.

    “However it’s not his fault he’s the way he is. This guy used to work for the original king before he became corrupted. From what he’s told me, some sort of dark force corrupted the Witch of Ages and now she’s going after her family one by one. Your father has more control over it but he fears it might fully possess him one day. He feared of going after you. If he visited you in your vision then that means he can easily do that when he’s corrupted. I’m assuming he placed a powerful spell to prevent himself from speaking to you.”

    Jamie looked down at the table at this. “This must be hard for both of them. I don’t understand it too well.”

    Shit I kind of feel bad for his parents. I thought wondering if there’s anyway to lift up this strange curse. “I understand that they’re trying to prevent their son from getting corrupted but… wait hold the fuck on!” I pointed my finger at Jamie. “Did you just say he’s the son of the Bones and the Witch of Ages? I was just joking I swear I was! There’s no fucking way!”

    “Oliver calm down we is in a restaurant.” Edward reminded me. “And that’s correct those are his parents.”

    “Shit.” I said however it seems as if Jamie had mumbled it at the same time. “So then why isn’t he corrupted like those guys?”

    “There must be a reason behind it. Don’t forget the Witch of Ages was originally a white witch before she became corrupted so this means Jamie has white blood running through his vanes. In other words it’s going to be tougher to corrupt him with his father’s help.”

    “I learn something new everyday.” I’ve sighed while sitting down at my seat and taking a bite of my meal once our food arrived. “Is it a good idea to have him come with us?”

    “I know the ins and outs of the island so I should be fine.” Jamie confessed while Edward took a sip of his drink.

    “Well it’s risky but his father asked his own god to place a spell on him to prevent him from corruption. The only way for Jamie to be corrupted is by corrupting the Bones guy god himself. He should be fine for the time being but I’m not a huge fan of the idea. I do want to keep an eye on him now that I know that you exist.”

    “I’ll be fine but I guess it’s understandable.” Jamie would say before taking a bite of his meal.

    “This would mean after this event you’d have to work for my organization. We take down supernatural creatures as a living after all.”

    “Eh?” Before Jamie had the chance to take another bite, the bat cat creature popped his head out to snag it before returning to it’s hiding spot. “What do you mean? I work for another organization with a similar idea and I have a team set heck I’m their team leader!”

    “Great then that means your team can join us as well.” Edward said with a smile on his face. “That kills two birds with one stone I think we’re done here.”

    “Wait hold on!”

    “It’s the best way for me to keep an eye on you. Your father insisted me to keep you safe and sound and how am I supposed to do that if I don't see you every day?”

    “Do you need to see him every single day?” I murmured.

    “Your right that sounds creepy. All right maybe three times out the week although that might be pushing it. You should be able to work for two organizations you know?”

    “I guess I have no choice.” Jamie sighed before looking down at his fork. “Parsifal!”

    “Man that was delicious!”

    Oh so that’s what he calls the little guy huh that’s interesting. I thought to myself as I watched the two interact with one another. After a couple of giggles, I couldn’t help but to turn my head towards Prince Edward wondering what he plans on doing regarding to this mission. I could tell he was thinking long and hard about this. His hand was placed on his chin as he stared down at his food. In the end it’s up to him to decide who gets to go on this mission and I can tell you for one thing, is this is like the Games this is going to be hell of a ride!
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